2012-07-19 12:02 am

'look at everything we've grown' (Dean/Castiel) pg-13

word count: 1,758

summary: Dean reflects on what exactly made him fall in love with Castiel on a rainy day while driving in the Impala.

author's note: first time posting an SPN fic! be gentle on me, i'm still trying to get used to writing this fandom. special thanks goes to giovanna, karina, and nadin for beta'ing. the title comes from "the gambler" by fun which you should totally listen to.


Dean realizes he’s in love with Castiel on a Thursday, in the middle of a solo drive in the Impala.

It’s a rainy day, one when most people would avoid going out at all costs, watching reruns of TV shows they’ve seen a thousand times and just reclining back on the couch. But not for Dean. He’s been driving all day, just to clear his head, really. With the apocalypse breathing down his neck, his mind has been pretty cluster fucked to say the least.

Sam is back at the motel, doing lord knows what. Cas is, well, Cas. He’s an angel so he’s probably somewhere picking loose feathers off his wings, something like that. Even though his brothers may be dicks with wings, Castiel is different, at least in Dean’s eyes.

And that’s what gets the snowball rolling.

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